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Killing it before noon: A 12-step guide from top-notch employees

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Do you have any of these top-notch employee habits down? According to Social Media Week here 12 tasks top-notch employees have completed before lunch. For me #3 is a tough one to break, and #10 a hard one to avoid.

1. They make a work to-do list the night before

Many good workers make a to-do list and usually make it the day before.


2.  They get a full night’s rest

These workers will strive to get a good night’s rest, whether that is the recommended eight hours or whatever the worker’s standard is for a good night’s rest.


3. They avoid hitting snooze

Make it a routine to avoid hitting the snooze button. Eventually , you will not only get your needed hours of sleep, but will be rested enough to get tasks completed at home before entering the office.


4. They exercise

Those who exercise before or during work hours tend to have better time-management skills, but tend to have improved mental sharpness. They also tend to be more patient with their peers.


5. They practice a morning ritual

Have a morning ritual. It’s important to have some alone quiet time.


6. They eat breakfast

In order to be productive, you need fuel and you won’t get that unless you eat some breakfast. Having breakfast will recharge you and give you your needed energy.


7. They arrive at the office on time

They make sure they set aside enough time to make it to work on time.


8. They check in with their boss and/or employees

They make sure to set priorities that align with the company’s goals.


9. They tackle the big projects first

Since they have already created a to-do list, they can head into work and dive right into the big projects.


10. They avoid morning meeting

If you have any control or say, avoid having meetings in the morning. Try to schedule them in the afternoon, unless the meeting is the most important thing of the day.


11. They allot time for following up on messages

They will set aside time to respond to emails incrementally. This avoids having huge loads of emails and makes it quicker to accomplish the task.


12. They take a mid-morning break

It’s always good to take 10 minutes to get up and stretch. If you don’t want to do that, you can take the time to do a little internet surfing. Doing either of these leads to greater employee satisfaction.

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Posted on : 3 Jul 2015 6:50 AM

Exercise is most fundamental. I exercise as regularly. It no only keeps the body fit, but also refreshes the mind!

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